About me

About Me

~ Finding the extra-ordinary in the ordinary ~

From a very young age on, I was fascinated by all 'creepy crawlies'; In spring times I kept frog spawn in an aquarium and watched the tadpoles develop. In summer, I went out catching beetles and butterflies and in autumn and winter I tried to attract hedgehogs and birds to our garden.

At the age of ten I clicked my first wildlife image with a point-and-shoot camera; and at the age of 17 I bought my first SLR camera. From that point on, there was no going back - a completely new world opened up in front of me. I now pay much more attention to details, light and shapes- basically composing a picture in my mind already. Fast foreward 20 years and I am still fascinated to explore and share the wonders of nature.

My interests have extended beyond nature though, including also travel and street photography, family and kids and architecture.

I love photography as it is a never ending journey full of miracles.

Patience and Perseverance

What have dirty boots to do with this? Well, first and foremost they are my most important accessory to my camera gear when I'm out and about in the field. In addition they remind me that I should always 'go the extra mile' and work hard for every single image even if it means crawling through mud or climbing that steep hill just to get the extra vantage point. The extra effort also means getting up at ungodly hours and being outside in inclement weather until I get the imageI had visualised. It gets tougher the older I get though...

International Awards and Recognitions